KeyShot Viewer is a free, standalone application that enables secure sharing of KeyShot scenes for viewing, presentation and configuration of photo-realistic and interactive 3D models, using the same real-time ray tracing rendering engine as KeyShot to produce amazing images with speed and quality.


KeyShot Viewer is a feature-rich application to complement your design review, presentation, and collaboration. Features include:

Real-time render quality

Rotate the model or select options to see the scene update instantly, relying on KeyShot's real-time rendering capabilities to provide the highest quality experience possible.

Configurator support

KeyShot Viewer is perfect for custom product configurators created with KeyShot Pro. Show unlimited variations of studio, model and material for product reviews or high resolution displays.

Mouse / Touch Interaction

Explore with the mouse or your finger on a touch device. Use the traditional mouse and finger gestures or the drop-down toolbar to interact with the turner, tray, and dolly.

Image / metadata output

Tap to save a screenshot to your computer. The image output includes XMP metadata with active variation and camera information that you can refer to for editing in KeyShot.

Full 360 vision control

KeyShot Viewer allows you to explore your product concepts, configuration and visual production in 360 degrees, from far and near, without the need to render a single image.

Security control

Control access to files and prevent misuse of intellectual property with password protection and watermark overlay, enabled when using KeyShot Pro to save a KSP for KeyShot Viewer.

How does it work

Open, view and interact with a KeyShot scene in real time. Use the mouse, touch, stylus, or stylus to explore the scene or change materials and lighting.